Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Made It! Chile Verde Chicken Enchiladas

I enjoy eating a good enchilada any day of the year, but this occasion was always reserved for restaurant outings. I never had attempted to make them in my own home. So I was excited to try this Chile Verde Chicken Enchilada recipe. Let me just start this review by saying that since I usually only eat enchiladas while dining out- so my expectation is comfort food - rich, gooeey and slathered with melted cheese. I'll be honest this recipe didn't meet my expectation for comfort food but was I pleasantly surprised by the flavors and could easily settle for this healthy runner-up.

I wanted to re-create my ideal enchilada. My first goal was to make the filling creamy, so I added cream cheese. This was a big mistake as the cream cheese overpowered the chicken filling and made the consistency of the filling chalky. Next time, I will use more Monteray Jack cheese to give it that ooey-gooey texture that I was craving so badly. I loved the bold vibrant flavors of the chile verde. The tangy-ness of the tomatillos. The sauce was light and flavorful. Overall, this is an excellent recipe for a healthier enchilada, but it cannot be compared to the authentic versions.

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