About Us

Welcome to Foodie Relations!
My name is Lisa and I just moved to Draper, UT. My younger sister, Sasha lives thousands of miles away in Victoria, BC. We are both foodies and we spend most of our daily Skype conversations talking about the recipes we recently made and the dinners we have recently eaten. I prefer to cook savory meals, usually creating recipes based on seasonal, local and unprocessed ingredients. My sister is a great cook but has a hard time creating recipes (don’t feel too bad for her, as she was blessed with my great Grandmother’s baking skills). Each posts will walk you through the process of cooking a healthy, tasty meal from scratch. Then my sister, will recreate the dish and post comments (good and bad) on the dish. Join our blog, be part of the conversation and maybe once in a while Sasha will share her fantastic dessert recipes with us. Happy Eating!

Sasha (left) and Lisa (right)