Monday, November 1, 2010

Good Eats: Hong Kong

Jeremy and I have been exploring Hong Kong for the last three days – the harbor and its breathtaking cityscape, the Big Buddha and Po Lin Monastery on Lantau Island, and the packed, busy streets of Kowloon. We’ve been doing our best to take in the culture and, of course, the food. Walking through the Pei Ho street market in the Sham Shui Po neighborhood of Kowloon was an amazing experience in particular. Three floors of pure food delight – here you will find everything you need to make a delicious Cantonese dinner. Animal proteins are on the first floor - fresh whole pigs butchered on the spot, live chickens in cages waiting to be bought for dinner, huge prawns swimming in tanks, the freshest fish resting on ice. On the second floor you'll find fresh veggies, eggs, dried sausages, noodles, rice, and beans. And moving up to the third floor you'll find food vendors slicing and dicing all the ingredients from the levels below, offering locals (we were the only tourists) a delicious breakfast – including dim sum, chow mien, and congee.

After battling the language barrier Jeremy and I ordered breakfast – chow mein, savory fried dough, coffee, and beef and pork congee. Congee, a traditional Chinese breakfast food, is a rice porridge/soup. Our pork congee was cooked in a rich pork broth heavily scented with ginger and was absolutely to die for! Add the essential Chinese garnishes of chile oil, plum sauce, soy sauce, vinegar, and chile paste and you have the perfect hearty meal – seriously, soups for breakfast are highly underrated!

Pork congee

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